Property Sourcing

The research team is focused on sourcing, researching, planning and acquiring new agricultural properties. We present to our investors profitable, long term business opportunities. We evaluate each potential transaction on a wide range of aspects, including soil quality, crop and yield history, location, and weather and environmental conditions.

 Land Development

The primary focus of Optimum Agriculture is farmland development. Our team of engineers and agronomists have over eight years’ experience developing land in the Delta region.



Farming Operation

Optimum’s agricultural division works to ensure our operations are coordinated in a timely manner, overseeing the production process from seed to harvest. We consistently aim to achieve high yields and utilize state-of-the-art technology to increase efficiency while lowering costs.




Land Development

Our Florida division focuses on land development, adopting a value-oriented approach to maximize operational returns and increase property value for the long term. We customize a comprehensive business model for each target property. Florida’s vast resources offer opportunities that surpass the traditional perception of land development.


Technology & Information

Utilization of the latest technology and data sources enables us to design strategies for decision-making and implementation of standard protocol.



Renewable Energy & Enviromental Conservation

Land use is not restricted to food production; renewable energy is also an option for land utilization which carries no impact on the environment. Federal tax credits combined with state and local incentives have created an extremely favorable climate for renewable energy investments.



Farmland Development

Optimum Agriculture guides investors through various phases of a project, from targeting and analyzing properties to the final stages of development. Our team will work alongside surveyors and suppliers to establish basic infrastructure in a way that is both efficient and affordable.

Scale Crop Production

Argentina is home to one of the largest fertile grasslands in the world and the second largest river system in South America (the Paraguay-Parana-Uruguay). These large areas of tillable land allow us to increase the size of production and maintain cost efficiency.





Portfolio Diversification

With a working knowledge of Argentina’s agricultural industry, Optimum endeavors to secure properties that will yield the best possible return on investment.