From its establishment in 2008, Optimum Agriculture LLC has grown into a leading global agricultural company. Our success is owed to the multigenerational experience of our founding members and their extensive knowledge of agribusiness within Latin American markets, which has enabled us to successfully replicate similar farming models throughout the world.


We manage farmland in the three million-acre Delta region of the United States, where a majority of the country’s rice is grown. It’s also one of the largest areas of irrigated land laying on top of a massive and naturally rechargeable aquifer.


This region has the longest history of ranching of any state in the United States. Its unique climate allows it to grow a huge variety of crops year-round, as well as nearly 60 percent of the country’s entire citrus production.


Spain and Portugal are two of the largest and most technologically advanced producers of olives and almonds in the world. In addition to ideal soils and a mature wholesale market, Spain and Portugal present competitive land prices, very attractive lending terms and strong support from local governments.


Argentina has had a booming farming industry since the early 20th century. Nearly a quarter of the world’s soybean crop is grown there and it’s also a large producer of fruits, vegetables and cereals. Argentina's economic prosperity is largely owed to the vast amount of available fertile land.

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